Diving at Edithburgh

A Haven for Marine Life

Edithburgh Jetty is considered one of the best dive sites anywhere in Australia. Well known amongst underwater photographers for the great macro life living underneath the jetty. A lot of the local marine life is very rare or endemic to the area, which is why not only underwater photographers but all scuba divers love to dive the Edithburgh Jetty.

Species that live underneath the jetty:
– Pyjama Squid
– Leafy Sea Dragon
– Bobtail Squid
– Tassled Anglerfish
– Smooth Anglerfish
– Blue Ring Octopus
– Sand Octopus
– Pygmy Pipehorse
– Potbelly Seahorse
– Smooth Anglerfish
– Prickly Anglerfish
– Multiple species of nudibranchs
– Multiple species of octopuses

and look out for these occasional visitors:
– Sea Lion
– Port Jackson Shark
– Wobbegong Shark
– Warty Prowfish

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